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Inspiration: stuff that's inspirational or for reference that is not painted/drawn art.

Srs Stuff: All posts regarding real world issues DO NOT FOLLOW THIS BLOG IF YOU DO NOT CARE.

"There’s a push to make people ashamed of being offended by anything, as if it reflects on how delicate you are, as opposed to just having a sense of right and wrong. That’s the only way you wouldn’t be offended by things — if you had no sense of right and wrong."

Stupid Shit: Documents people being stupid, and possible subsequent smack down of those stupid people. May be cross tagged with srs stuff or funny stuff lol.

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"Seems your "education" on how armor works comes strictly from anime and other areas of entertainment, which is meant to be fashionable, not functional, and is a really pathetic foundation for any argument…… The organic designs on the breastplate serve a purpose, which is not so dissimilar to why the Romans did the same sort of thing…

You clearly don’t understand what you’re talking about when it comes to arms and armor. I reckon you’re just an insecure teenage girl lashing out at a depiction of what appears to you as a large-breasted woman on the internet so you can feel better about yourself. “

+ Kat9Designs on why molded nipple breast plates are superior to regular boob armor

July 8, 2013 // 74 notes

#lol #stupid #deviantart #kat9designs #batwaman #cassandra cain #comics #wow #i'm gonna be BLACK LISTED #if the industry is going to black list me for pointing out how silly that armor looks #i'd rather be?? #but i know the industry isn't filled with stupid people like him? #LOL
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